Knitting in the air, knitting everywhere

Some time ago I made a trip across the big ocean. Mainly to see my offspring, one granddaughter, and a couple of little grandsons that I hadn’t met before, one in the US and the other in Canada. Although I doubt they will remember our first meeting, the memory of the moment when I could wrap them in my arms, will stay with me for eternity.

Two grandsons, born by different mothers about a month apart, in two different countries. You’ld think they wouldn’t have many similarities, and at first appearance they really don’t. But after spending a few weeks with them, it became more and more obvious that the blood lines are connected. Cuddling and caring, singing and soothing, talking and laughing, I had the grandest of times.

I am sure next time we meet, they’ll already be running around chasing a ball or a puck, climbing trees or doing somersaults on a trampoline. Or maybe they’ll take up knitting at an early age. I can hardly wait to really get to know them and maybe even teach them a few stitches.

The weeks spent with near and dear ones were moments of pure joy, all too short but creating everlasting memories. Memories of times with people a world away, but people that mean the world to me.

Sitting night after night around the firepit with a friend, talking, knitting, listening, being silent -were priceless moments, forever cherished.

During the month long trip I probably knitted the most I ever have in a month. All the different places I knitted are too many to count. But what I found out was that one of my favorite places to knit was in the airplane. Instead of relying on the onboard entertainment screen to make time go faster during an otherwise boring 10 h flight, I pulled out my needles and yarn as soon as I settled in my seat. It had a calming effect, I never once was bored and time flew by, literally. Not to mention the icebreaker it created with the person sitting in the next seat. Interesting conversations.

Something must’ve gone wrong with the sales on one of the flights. Out of about 300 seats available, less than a third were occupied. At first I chose a place where I had the whole row to myself. This was nice for awhile but pretty soon I felt lonely. Walking up and down the aisles I discovered another knitter. I quickly headed back to my seat, retrieved my knitting and sat down in the empty seat across the aisle from her. After exchanging a few pleasantries, we both fell silent and knitted on. She was the quiet kind and it suited me well, I just didn’t like sitting alone in the empty aft of the plane

I only knitted two things during this whole trip. On the long flight over, I was working on my first pair of socks. Not really a fun or interesting project but I did finish them. Happy about the result, they fit the little feet and she seemed to like them.

The other thing I knitted was dishcloths. These I have done almost from the start and I like doing them. They are quick to make, don’t require much effort, I think they look cool and I like giving them away. In total I think I made close to 20 of them during the trip, a couple different patterns in many colors.

Numerous times during the trip, I was asked why I knit. I haven’t yet figured out an easy, short answer to that. After the trip I’ve had a longer than planned break. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, but there’s been other things that’s gotten in the way. Maybe it’s something about the therapeutic aspect of knitting that I haven’t had a need for lately. Maybe that’s the answer to the question;

Maybe knitting has made me Mindful instead of having my Mind full.

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