Becoming a fitter knitter


Stepping outside this morning I could tell something had changed overnight. Something felt different.
Immediately I got the feeling that today was probably going to be the day. A day that, if you live in a place with four seasons, is awaited and welcomed like nothing else. The air, although in the city, was crisp and fresh like a cold drink in the summer. Refreshing, light and pleasing to inhale.
Spring air. There’s really nothing like it.
Even though it’s not officially spring yet, the winter is gone as far as deep snow and arctic temperatures weeks on end is concerned.

Shakespeare once wrote;

“Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this sun of York”

Although not summer, even by a long stretch, it still made me happy. With the rising sun on my face, I found myself humming on a cheery tune, smiled at strangers, waved at kids I met on the way.

The work day flew by with twice the speed of yesterday. The same birds from the morning walk were still at it in the afternoon. Same song, maybe even louder now, it seemed.20190226_161557-2

I found myself getting antsy on the commute and couldn’t wait to get home. I went through the details in my head, tried to plan every move ahead, as not to waste any time. The sun would be setting all too soon. Getting inside the front door, I followed my premeditated plan to the dot. Smooth like clock work. In probably less than 5 minutes, I was back outside and excitedly pressed “Start”.

“Now you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but I could run like the wind blows.”
-Forrest Gump

At least that’s how it felt. Despite the icy conditions, causing me to leap like a deer, slide like Bambi and skipping puddles like a frog, I never once fell out of rythm. I thought I would do my regular short run, but long before the turn down by the river, I made the decision to really give my legs a good stretch this time. So I turned right and chose the route twice as long.

Running never felt this good in years. The views were beautiful, as the trail followed the melting river. I felt unbeatable.
Because of the icy conditions, I knew I wasn’t breaking any records but based on how it felt in my legs, my lungs and my whole being, I didn’t, couldn’t hold back. I just kept gulping down the deliscious spring air.
I never once looked at the clock, didn’t want to know and didn’t care about the time. Still I was very positively surprised when I pushed the stop button.

I still have ways to go, technique to work on, weight to shed. But the goal is set, a few months away.
I am on my way.



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