Smooth as silk

Another year, another birthday present. This was another fun project. Quick and uncomplicated. Rummaging through the shelves of the yarn store, I didn’t find what I was looking for. None of the colors felt right.

My frustration must’ve been noticed by the friendly lady behind the desk. I showed her a picture of the sweater I had in mind. And she knew right away. I should’ve known to ask a professional. That’s why they are professionals, because they know their stuff. She led me to the tall shelf in the corner by the window.

-I think this is what you’re looking for, she said almost in a motherly way. This is a very good thread. But, she added, I do have one that’s even better. She reached to the top shelf and handed me a bundle. I’ve never felt anything like it. Silky, was the first attribute that came to mind. Well, it was silk.

– Now, if you combine the two you get something extraordinairy. Light, smooth, but still very strong. I recommend you take both.

Silk and Mohair. It’s like mixing cream and butter. You know it’s good.

Often when a salesperson “recommends” a specific product, I automatically look at the price tag. This time I didn’t. Probably because I trusted her. She’s like that. You just know that she knows what’s best for you. She’s not just trying to get your money, she’s a professional making sure you walk out with what you need. Not until I walked out did I glance at the receipt. I balked, wondering if she got me this time.

This sweater was a quick and fairly easy one to make. The yarn itself made my hands smooth and soft.

She was right, it is light, smooth and very strong. The old proverb “A cord of three strands is not easily broken” still holds true.

Seeing and feeling the result, I know she didn’t get me. She knows her stuff and it was worth every penny. This soft fluffiness I could even imagine draping over my own shoulders on a chilly evening.

Happy Easter! 😊

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