Not according to the plan.

Don’t you just love it when everything goes according to the plan? Yeah, me too!

Well, this time it didn’t. I’d say it was fairly well planned. My following of said plan wasn’t bad either. I lacked neither dedication nor motivation. In fact, towards the end I felt I was ahead of the game. I was in the zone.

Today was the day I was supposed to reap the reward of the last 4 1/2 months of hard work. Two weeks ago I already had a foretaste of what was coming. As a last push of my training I pulled a long one. The last one, then just a few short and easy ones and lots of rest for two weeks.

It went like a breeze, way better than expected. My technique was getting fine tuned and I felt exuberant and was really getting excited about the race. I set my goal that sunday at 30k. I actually made it. I ran exactly 30 km, but only because I was born stubborn. The cramp in my right calf muscle at 28,5k appeared out of nowhere and wouldn’t let go.

There are times when the “no-quitter-attitude” should be used with caution. This was one of those times. It took a full week and every trick in the book before the cramps let go of its grip. The pain is still there, however.

So today, D-day I was supposed to stand among many thousand others on the starting line at Helsinki City Marathon, chomping at the bits to run 42,195 meters. The decision to pull out, I made 2 days ago, hoping and wishing to the end, but to no avail. This is part of the game, I guess. It’s all a calculated risk.

But, instead of moping about what could’ve been this day, I decided to make it a good one. Filling it with all the things that a good day is made of.

Coffee, Milkshake, Burger, Chocolate, Sun, Icecream, Sea, More Coffee. And a trip to my favorite yarnstore, to refill my stash. Time for some real therapy.

And yes, also watched the other runners push themselves to the limit. Hats off to them all!

Next time I’ll be ready.collage-2019-05-18-23_42_22


3 thoughts on “Not according to the plan.

  1. Hi K. Grandpa! Sorry to hear about your blues. Have you tried Pfederbalsam for your cramps? It works for me. I guess I never knew you were in Helsinki! Nice photos. Feet up and happy knitting. Cynde Sadler

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