Hi and Welcome!

I am John. I am a young(ish) grandpa, somewhere north of forty.

The thought of writing a blog sprouted long ago, but I’ve let it ripen and mature. After getting a very spontaneous push from a dear friend at one point, the timing felt just right.

This blog could end up being about anything and everything. Or nothing.

I´ll post stuff whenever I can string two thoughts together. At times there will be, I´m sure, moments of silence. Those times I either have only one thought, no thought at all, or I´m busy doing something else. That “something”… well, here´s my confession;

I have an addiction. I knit. I think I might be a knitaholic. Or well on my way to become one. No, not in a binge-knitting, unable-to-work, neglecting-my-duties kind of way. But I definitely have the knitaholic gene. I probably got it from my dear Mother in my first meal as a baby.

So this pastime of mine is actually nothing new, it’s just been in hiatus for a while.

But maybe You, dear reader, should be the judge of whether my rediscovered leisure activity is on a healthy level.

Read on, leave a comment if you wish, but be kind.